Restroom cleaning tips for your restaurant cleaning routine.Have you ever heard someone say that the cleanliness of restaurant kitchens can be judged by the cleanliness of their public bathrooms? Maybe it’s not so, but if a portion of your guests believe it to be true, you’ll want to prioritize the cleaning of your restrooms so you aren’t judged poorly.

Restaurant cleaning is extremely important but your staff won’t know what you expect of them unless you provide an itemized list for their cleaning chores. Consider these restroom cleaning suggestions for your regular restaurant cleaning.

Organize your cleaning

To assure your restaurant cleaning is done well with consistency, provide a checklist of daily, weekly and monthly chores detailed. Your employees will be able to use this to mark off items as they complete them and communicate about necessary repairs or items to repurchase. Keep supplies easily accessible and organized for quick use.

Daily duties

Your high traffic areas, like restrooms, need care several times during the day. Keep your guests smiling with freshly cleaned bathrooms. Place cleaning supplies in bathroom cabinets or close to the bathrooms. Daily duties must include floor sweeping at least once per shift and then a good mopping after closing, with spill cleanups in between if necessary.

Wipe down sinks and counters a few times per day and again at closing. By the time each meal service slows down, the toilets and urinals need to be sanitized, door knobs and stall locks disinfected. Refill soap and toilet paper dispensers. Empty the trash.

Weekly restroom chores

Some items are worthy of a little more time and these efforts are best done on a weekly basis when business is slow or on days that the restaurant is closed. Cleaning windows, polishing mirrors, wiping down picture frames, dusting light fixtures, checking to be sure there are no leaks or mold around the commodes or sinks and ensuring that drains are working well without any clogging need to be done weekly.

Monthly cleaning

If you want that extra shine to your restaurant, clean all dirt and smudges off the walls, give a good scrubbing to the floors, counter tile and grout consistently on a monthly basis. Additionally, clean the baseboards, door tops, and overhead ceiling fans, lighting and sprinkler system knobs or components.

If your restaurant cleaning is done with order and regularity, with your staff signing off on a checklist of duties, your business will sparkle in between your professional restaurant cleaning services.

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