Many medical office managers are under the belief that all cleaning services are created equally.   Actually, this is not at all true, as a commercial cleaning service is very different from its counterpart of a medical cleaning service.  That is why is it is crucial to make sure you are using the proper type of cleaning services for your medical office.

The cleaning of a medical office, or facility, requires a whole different set of criteria than the cleaning of a commercial office does.  This very reason alone means you have to research and take proper care in searching out a medical office cleaning service that will the job not only done but done right.

Thinking that a general commercial cleaning service will be able to provide you with the cleaning you need one will not only end up being a waste of time, but it will also put a good hit on your offices budget.  Not to mention that an inadequately cleaned medical office will more than assuredly put your patient’s health at risk.   A commercial cleaning service will work to get the contract, telling you how much time and experience they have in the cleaning of conventional offices, but in the end, they are sure to overlook crucial areas that are required in the cleaning of a medical office.

Areas to keep in mind that may help in the sourcing out and eventual hiring of a proper medical office cleaning service includes:

Experience and Training

Make sure the service has a long and proven track record.  Their employees should be trained in how to efficiently clean a medical office, and be trained in the handling and proper disposal of sharps and biohazard material.


Before signing a contract, make sure that you and the cleaning service are on the same page.  Take time to discuss your office’s specific needs, and any special needs as well.

Too Good To Be True

If the overall price quote sounds too good to be true—chances are it is just that.  Make sure that price you pay will cover all the costs in maintaining a sanitized and healthy office environment.  Having your medical office properly cleaned is just as important, if not more important, than any other aspect in the running of your medical office.

The main idea to take away from this is that you need a cleaning service that is trained to cover the needs of a medical environment.  If you try to cut corners and go with a commercial cleaning service, you will soon find that your office is not getting the proper cleaning, and you may be out a substantial amount of money as well.

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