A clean and tidy classroom gives students the ideal atmosphere to learn in.  When working to keep your classroom clean, you can get the students involved.  Give each one their own daily task to complete each day, so that the cleaning won’t be so daunting and overwhelming for you.  There are a few areas that will need the most attention.

Dusting Of Flat Surfaces

When a room sees as much foot traffic as the standard classroom, there is going to of dust stirred up into the air.  All the dust has to go somewhere, and it does – right onto any flat surface, it can find.  As a result, a once a week dusting of all surfaces, including desks, tables, shelves, bookcases or countertops will be in good order.  This is where you can divvy up the cleaning tasks.  Assign certain students that their only task is, say to dust the desks and chairs, another one the shelves, and so on.

Wiping Down With Sanitizing Wipes

Areas that are touched more frequently than others, say the sink or the classroom door handles are where you are sure to find most of the illness-causing germs in your classroom.  Spray them down with a sanitizer, or even assigning a student to wipe them off with a sanitizing wipe several times a day can go a long way to preventing the spreading of germs.

Floor Maintenance

The placement of trash cans in sections of the student’s desks will really help to minimize the amount of paper that ends up on the classroom floor through the day.  Then, have one student designated to empty the cans, when needed through the day, and at the end of the day.  Then you will only be left with the sweeping of the floors.  This can be assigned to several students because just one would more than probably get a little overwhelmed.

The custodians are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the school and classrooms before and after work.  For the time in between, the teacher is responsible.  Why not get the students involved and helping in the task.  They may end up enjoying it and learn some great life skills as well.