How Can Facility Management Improve Productivity in Northern Ohio

System4 in Northern Ohio provides facility management services for any size business.In recent years, there has been a lot of research done in the area of how facility management and productivity relate to one another.  Up to sixty-one percent of those employees surveyed stated they felt that enhancements made to their workplaces helped to increase their morale and productivity.

When hired, one area a facility management service may take a look at is the ease of use of equipment.  Take for example if your printers or copiers in your businesses offices are placed in an area that causes the ease of use to be obstructed, then that is one issue they will suggest a change in.

Also, if your office machines tend to be on the noisy side, they would suggest maybe relocating them to a position further from the staff so as not to be a disturbance.

Another area they might take a look at is the overall temperature of the workplace.  No one wants to work in a stuffy, hot office, or a cold, frosty one for that matter either.  Being too warm or too cold has proven to have a serious effect on productivity.  During a study by Cornell University, it was found that the adjusting of the temperature in an office by just a few degrees resulted in better morale and even more productivity.

Finally, an area that might help you see an overall improvement in your employee’s productivity is with the adjustment of their office chair.  Many people know that the office chair is adjustable, but not many take advantage of it.  If the chair is not adjusted properly, the individual using it will not be comfortable. If they are not comfortable, odds are they will not be productive.  So with just a slight adjustment in comfort, comes the reward of better productivity.

These are just a few of the areas a facility management service may look at in the attempts to help you boost the morale and productivity of your employees.  Coupled with a clean and tidy workplace, you and your workers will look forward to starting each and every work day.

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